Specialization in Physiotherapy

Specialization in Physiotherapy – rehabilitation of neurological patients

Completion of the Vocational Physiotherapy program is the entry requirement for the specialization. The program was accredited in 2014 by the Serbian Commission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance.

The specialization last one year (two terms), and students can achieve 60 ECTS which is 240 ECTS in total. The specialization consists of four courses at the first year and five at the second. At the first year students can choose two elective courses.

As provided by this curriculum the program includes professional practice which aims for the higher level of professional autonomy by offering expert services and by creating an expert who will be familiar with the latest European and national trends in health care.

The teaching methods single out the following: the interactive teaching, the classroom practice, practice in the teaching units, and a usual teaching approach. Besides these, individual, group (team) collaborative and coordinated methods of learning are encouraged.

After completing the specialization the specialists in physiotherapy will be trained to efficiently follow the latest news in the relevant fields and to transfer the knowledge and the deductions to the academic community and the general public.

Vocational physiotherapists at the specialization program “Specialization in Physiotherapy – rehabilitation of neurological patients” acquire broader theoretical and practical knowledge and standards in the field of rehabilitation of neurological patients and are competent for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from neurological diseases.

The main aim of the specialization is the education of physiotherapists for multidisciplinary approach to the neurological disorders and diseases, improving the quality of treatments, and singling out the participation of all the members of the rehabilitation team and the whole community.

The outcome of the study process is creating a fully competent expert who possesses broader and more profound knowledge in comparison to the knowledge after undergraduate studies. The scope of work is are: children’s departments, neurological departments, spas, and specialized institutions for treating and preventing neurological diseases as well as gerontology centers.

The above mentioned are recognized and appraised by the employers and the employment agencies.