Specialization in Nursing – Public Health

Completion of the Vocational Nursing program is the entry requirement for the specialization. The specialization last one year (two terms), and students can achieve 60 ECTS which is 240 ECTS in total.

Creating an expert who possesses broader theoretical and practical knowledge and standards for working in the primary health care and the public health than after undergraduate studies is the main outcome of the program. The teaching methods which single out are the following: the interactive teaching, the classroom practice, and the practice in the teaching units.

The program trains students for the autonomy at work, team work in the primary care and in the public health, as well as for knowledge and skills in cooperation with other health and education institutes, cooperation with social, economic, and political sectors. The health specialists will contribute to the development of the whole society and will be part of the national and European trends of the health care and the public health.