Specialization in Nursing – Clinical Practice

Besides five study programs, the College offers the program Specialized Nurse – clinical practice and has trained three generations of nurses in specialized program in gerontology.

Completion of the Vocational Nursing program is the entry requirement for the specialization. The specialization lasts one year (two terms), and students can achieve 60 ECTS which is 240 ECTS in total. The main aim is to achieve professional and research goals in the related fields by solving tasks. The study program is designed in accordance to the Law on Higher education of the Republic of Serbia and the Bologna declaration. The program offers higher level of specialized knowledge and skills.

The goals of the specialized program are as follows:

  • Specialized knowledge and skill acquisition in order to participate in complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the related fields;
  • Specialized knowledge and skill acquisition in order to work on researches in health care and with special emphasis to research in specialized fields;
  • Specialized knowledge and skill acquisition in communication;
  • Specialized knowledge acquisition in keeping the medical records and records in health care;

The curriculum includes professional practice and aims for accomplishing higher level of professional autonomy through providing expert services and creating experts who will be able to follow European and national trends in health care practice. Teaching methods are: interactive teaching, classroom practice, practice in the teaching units, and giving usual lectures. Individual, group, collaborative, and cooperative methods of learning are also used in the learning process by taking part in panel discussions, formal debates, workshops, research and case studies, writing a diaries, seminar papers, peer assessing, and reflection sessions. All the above mentioned is practiced in the health institutions – the teaching units.

After completing the specialization program the students have more profound knowledge and skills. The graduate students are trained to integrate the received information, to judge and make conclusions in accordance to them.

The graduate students are educated to efficiently follow the latest news in the relevant specialized fields. They are specialized to spread the knowledge and the deductions to the academic community and the public in general. The study outcome is to create an expert who possesses significantly broaden and more profound knowledge than the undergraduate students. The graduate specialized students can apply the knowledge in health institutions of primary, secondary and tertiary health care, intensive care units and other specialized fields.