Cosmetics and Esthetics

Cosmetics and Esthetics (3 year) BSc

Selection criteria to enroll the College of Applied Health Sciences, department of Cosmetics and Esthetics is to have the High Medical School diploma, the Grammar School diploma, High Chemistry School diploma, High Cosmetics School diploma or High Pharmacy School diploma, and to pass the entrance exam in Biology and Chemistry.


The study program in Cosmetics and Esthetics consists of six terms which last three years and the students are awarded 180 ECTS. In order to receive the title “Vocational Cosmetician and Esthetician, BSc”, the students must finish the study program and pass the Final exam by writing a diploma paper and presenting its content orally.

Vocational Cosmetician and Esthetician is trained to master the theory and the practice from esthetics and decorative cosmetics and can apply her/his skills in modern styling of the clients.
Vocational Cosmetician and Esthetician is educated to work in a dermatology ward teams, plastic surgeries, and in centers for relaxation and psychosocial rehabilitation. Likewise, a Vocational Cosmetician and Esthetician is trained to organize, manage offer services to clients in small businesses such as beauty salons, fitness centers, and centers for relaxation.

The study program consists of twenty-four mandatory courses of which six are general and carry 27 ECTS, ten professional courses which carry 72 ECTS, eight applied courses with 81 ECTS, and four electives with 36 ECTS.