Student Parliament

The Students’ Parliament of the College of Applied Health Studies Cuprija is the represen­tative body of all students where students exer­cise their rights and protect their interests in the College. The Parliament considers the issues of providing and assessing the quality of teaching, management, and the students’ administration, and the study program reforms. The Parliament encourages the scientific and research work of the students, deals with the protection of stu­dents’ rights and improvement of the students’ financial situation, as well as the other import­ant issues according to the Law on Higher Edu­cation and the Statute of the College of Applied Health Studies Cuprija.

The Parliament enables students to partici­pate in the College’s management, to organize and coordinate students’ science and research work as well as the student’s sport activities. One of the most important role of the Parlia­ment is to facilitate the students’ exchange ac­tivities and other aspects of cooperation with similar higher institutions. The Parliament ac­tively participates in charity works and educa­tional activities.