College of Applied Health Sciences Cuprija  with 20 –year- long tradition in education is an accredited, independent higher education institution, which educates vocational health workers for the needs of health care services. Modern and innovative approach to teaching enables our students to gain practical knowledge, which we wish to offer to our future students as well. Accordingly, the greatest confirmation of our quality is more than 6, 000 of our graduate students who do their jobs professionally and contribute to the prosperity and health of our society.

Director: PhD Christos Alexopoulos, professor of vocational studies

Study programs:

  • Professional Nurse
  • Professional Physiotherapist
  • Professional Medical Radiologist
  • Professional Nurse Midwife
  • Professional Cosmetician Esthetician
  • Professional Phar­macist


Level of studies: Undergraduate vocational studies (180 ECTS)