The College of Applied Health Studies prides itself on the College Library. There is an inter­net room, a reading room and the room with journals and books. The students, the teachers, and the associates as well as the other visitors can find the latest literature in Serbian and En­glish which is the basic and the additional part of the curriculum.

The book stock includes 2,654 books. Of these, 1,200 are professional course books and professional magazines. The Final Papers of the students can also be found in the library. The number of headlines is constantly growing. The books are purchased, donated, published by the College or borrowed. There is a great number of book publications made available in the dig­ital form. The library has the access to the Na­tional Library of Serbia through COBSON, and can be used by the students in the internet room.

In addition to the e-books and the lectures, the other professional literature in the digital form can be accessed through COBSON. 3,500 science magazine headlines in English and 160,000 book headlines and several database indexes are available by COBSON.

Working hours: MONDAY – FRIDAY from 08:00 to 15:00

Telephone: +381 35 / 401-117