Basic information

College title: College of Applied Health Sciences Cuprija
College address: Lole Ribara 1/2, 35230 Cuprija, Republic of Serbia
Telephone: 035 / 401-140
Fax: 035 / 401-130


College director: PhD Christos Alexopoulos, professor of vocational studies
Director’s assistant for teaching: PhD Ljiljana Antic, professor of vocational studies
College secretary: Zoran Milivojevic, law graduate


Heads of the study programs:
PhD Mile Despotovic, head of the study program Professional Nurse
Marija Mikic-Mladenovic, MD, specialist head of the study program Professional Physiotherapist
Zoran Milosevic, MD, specialist, head of the study program Professional Medical Radiologist
Dragan Radosavljevic, MD, specialist, head of the study program Professional Nurse Midwife
PhD Tatjana Stojkovic, head of the study program Cosmetician Esthetician
PhD Petar Milic, head of the study program Professional Phar­macist


Members of the College Council:
President of the Council

Nikola Miljkovic, law graduate


Teaching staff:

Svetlana Milovanovic, training teacher, vice president of the Council

PhD Mile Despotovic, professor of vocational studies
PhD Maja Jevdjevic, professor of vocational studies
PhD Petar Milic, professor of vocational studies
MSc Dragan Antic, lecturer

Zorana Jurinjak, lecturer
Cedomirka Stanojevic, training teacher


Non-teaching staff:

Zoran Milivojević, secretary
Snezana Petrovic, college bookshop assistant


Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia

PhD Dejan Petrovic
PhD Srđan Stefanović
PhD Hadži Milutin Stojković



Jovana Mihajlovic, student
Jasna Stamenkovic, student
Marija Đokić, student


Bank account: 840-1380666-30, number of the model 97, reference number WEB:
TIN: 101371421
Registration number: 17228838
Activity code: 8542 higher education


College carries out other activities that commercialize the results of the scientific, research and professional work:
8559 other forms of education
5811 book publishing
5813 press publishing
5814 publishing of journals and other periodical issues
5819 other publishing activities
4761 book retail in specialized stores
4762 press retail and stationery materials in specialized stores
4778 other retail of new products in specialized stores
8690 other health care
9602 hairdresser’s and beauty salon services
9313 college gym services