About us


College of Applied Health Sciences Cuprija was founded in 1998, by decision no. 022-05-76 of the Government of Republic of Serbia. There were three departments: Nursing, Physiotherapy and Radiology. The undergraduate study programs were realized in three classrooms and an amphitheater in Lole Ribara Street. In the course of the development of our college new departments were opened: Midwifery and Theatre Nursing in 2000, Department of Cosmetics in 2003, the same year the College programs increased into six semester studies, and Departments of Anesthetics Pharmacy in 2005.


The New Building

Today the College is situated in a new 6300 square meter building. The opening ceremony took place on College Saint Patron`с Day, St. John Chrysostom on November 26th, 2005. The lectures are held in eleven classrooms, fully equipped  IT classrooms, ten specialized practice rooms, the amphitheater, the modern nursing simulation laboratory, the pharmacy laboratory and the following teaching units: Health Center Cuprija, Clinical Center of Serbia in Belgrade, Military Medical Academy in Belgrade, Community Health Center Cuprija, Institute of Public Health Cuprija, and many spa centers in Serbia (Specialized Hospital Sokobanja, and spa centers Gamzigrad, Vrnjacka Banja , Ribarska Banja , and Niska Banja).


The Undergraduate Study Programs

In 2005 the College started the process of accreditation which implemented the Bologna Declaration and on 28th September, 2007 The Ministry of Education granted the College with the work permit and the College became a six semester educational institution.

The College employs highly professional teaching staff of PhDs, MSs, and specialists. The College engages eminent teachers from other colleges, faculties and Military Medical Academy.

The College has accredited six undergraduate study programs (3 years) BSc for the following professions:

  • Professional Nurse
  • Professional Physiotherapist
  • Professional Medical Radiologist
  • Professional Nurse Midwife
  • Professional Cosmetician Esthetician
  • Professional Phar­macist

Currently, the College is defining the outlines for Master programs of study.


International Cooperation

In 2003 the College established collaboration with The Nursing College from Trondheim Norway and realized a specialization program in Gerontology. The College of Health Sciences also established cooperation with the Faculty of Nursing in Tuzla.

Since 2007 The College is a full member of the European Nursing Module Network and hosted the Annual Conference in 2011 for Nursing Colleges and Faculties from twenty different European countries. The membership in this Network enables our students to take part in the exchange students’ program.

For more information go to http://en.vmscuprija.edu.rs/international-cooperation/


Facilities and Activities

In 2008 we started the project known as “Old study program convergence” and offered our students to be granted 180 ECTS by meeting certain conditions and passing new exams.

The College organizes one day courses as a part of the continuing education which are accredited by the Health Council of Serbia. From 2011 to 2016 the College accredited 27 programs of continuing education.

Our students can use the library with KoBSON access and the Internet. Facilities that are also available are the reading room, the college bookshop, the students’ canteen, the gym and the beauty salon.


Future Aims

The College attracts many young people and future students from all parts of Serbia but also the neighboring countries such as Montenegro, the Republic of Srpska and Macedonia. It is our desire and vision to become the leading institution in Nursing and other Health Science educational processes at an international level. Our main aim is to educate high professionals and excellent practitioners with outstanding experience who will continue their learning and promote high ethical and moral values, fostering tolerance, understanding differences and cultural dialogs.